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Botvin Life Skills


The Botvin Life Skills program is a groundbreaking substance abuse and violence prevention program based on 35 years of rigorous scientific research. It helps youth to resist drug, alcohol, and tobacco use and effectively supports the reduction of violence and other high-risk behaviors

Teens & Library
Social-Emotional Learning

Learning Objectives

Personal Self-Management Skills

General Social Skills

Drug Resistance Skills

Grades 6-9

30-45 minute class sessions

Stack of Notebooks
Measurable Education

Program Structure

There are 15 Lessons:

Self-Image and Self-improvement

Making Decisions (2 days)

Smoking: Myths and Realities

Marijuana: Myths and Realities


Coping with Anxiety (2 days)

Communication Skills

Social Skills (2 days)

Assertiveness (2 days)

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