• Chloe Anderson

Courage is Contagious

“Be so completely yourself that everyone feels safe to be themselves too.” - Brené Brown

You don’t measure vulnerability by the amount of disclosure. That has nothing to do with courage or vulnerability. If I were to live-tweet getting my ears pierced or trying a new exotic food, while those experiences might be novel and difficult for me, they are not a

demonstration of true vulnerability. True vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, trust, and empathy. True vulnerability is hard and scary, and it feels dangerous; but, as author and speaker Brené Brown points out, “It’s not as hard, scary, or dangerous as getting to the end of our lives and having to ask ourselves: What if I would have shown up?”

Do not weaponize uncertainty and blame others for your own pain. Fear has a short shelf-life. The process of shedding our protective armor and being willing to act in courage is one that invites others to feel comfortable enough to do the same.

I am a believer in a loving and all-mighty God.

I am bisexual.

I am a daughter, sister, friend, and partner.

I am stubborn and passionate.

I am an advocate for life and love and health.

I am proud of all my pieces.

We have to create cultures where being armored all the time is not a rewarded behavior.

Brown asks these questions in regard to vulnerability:

Can you give me an example of courage that doesn't require uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure?

Can you stay in tough things when they get uncomfortable or awkward?

Are you clear about what your values are and have you operationalized those into behaviors?

Can you build trust and be trustworthy?

The answers to these questions might look different tomorrow or in a week or in a year. Vulnerability asks that we get up every single day and make the decision to try courage and compassion for ourselves. Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and grant that same freeing opportunity to everyone else.



Brené Brown- A Call to Courage (coming soon to Netflix)

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