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Drug Trends Education

This program focuses on providing parents the tools and education on current drug trends. Youth may be exposed to different drugs that can easily be mistaken for being something that looks like another item. This interactive presentation is built of four major parts which are Information, Awareness, Engagement, and Advocacy. The goal of this program is to "provide education and tools to help parents build meaningful relationships with their children and feel confident talking with them about avoiding drugs and alcohol." Our past Program Director, Abby Davids and Community Education Manager, Sarah Huth together created this program.

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According to the Idaho Healthy Youth Survey, the top six most used substances are Alcohol, Marijuana, Vaping, Prescription Drugs, Over the Counter Drugs, and Inhalants. These six substances are explained in detail about what it is, how it is abused, the effects, and several popular trends. 




This is the application portion.  There is a teen bedroom set up where the parents can go in and look for clues, hidden places and more from what we have taught them. 



This section is focused on ideas to help parents build relationships with their children. In addition, we emphasize the importance of having critical conversations about drugs and alcohol with their teens. 

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At the conclusion of the presentation, we offer resources from the community which is found on a resource table that includes the following handouts/resources: conversation cars, Piecing It Together magnets, BYDC frisbee, business cards, RxDispose packets, pens, and a sign-up sheet.

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