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Back to School

August is here, which means it’s back to school for many children. This could also mean new friends, peer pressure, and stress. This month BYDC challenges you to have the conversation about the risks of underage drinking and drug use with the children and youth in our lives. As adults, we’re the most important and powerful influences in our children’s lives. A majority of substance-free adolescents credit their parents for their decision to not use substances. Research shows that the earlier we have these conversations with our children, the better chance of preventing exploration of harmful substances in the first place.

How do you know if your child is using? Here are some signs to look out for this school year:

1. Declining school performance

2. Abrupt changes in friends

3. Abnormal health issues or sleeping habits

4. Deteriorating relationships with family

5. Less openness and honesty

How do you talk to them about it? Here are some topics to cover:

1. Find out what they already know

2. Teach them the facts (Click this link for resources: Resources for Parents | Office of Drug Policy (

3. Set clear rules and boundaries with them

4. Teach them how to say “no”

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