It's My Future

Scholarship opportunity's for youth leaders who participate in sober and drug-free activities in the community through volunteerism and youth leadership developing opportunities.

Crap You Should Know

Dissemination of data information and education for youth and adults to promote positive social norms and increase youth protection efforts through education on our social media platforms as well as training and meetings open to the community.

Get Involved

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

245 N. Placer Ave.

Idaho Falls, ID 83402


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 208-529-2923


245 N. Placer Ave.

Idaho Falls, ID 83402

M-TH 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Email: info@bydc.org

Phone: 208-529-2923

Be More, Do More, Together.
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